Dark green dress: Burda 08/2012 #143

I acquired this very lovely piece of fabric from an etsy seller (JannsFabrics). Jann is a dear friend IRL and an inspirational sewist with an enviable fabric collection. She’s rehoming some of that fabric and I’m very pleased to have a few of her pieces.

It’s a linen silk jacquard and a delight. So delightful that I’m racked with indecision about what to sew with it. A dress? A jacket? A coat? I have 2.7 m – (too many) options!

So I’m making up a couple of patterns in other fabrics to audition their suitability – are they good enough for my beautiful and special fabric? Is this what I should use it for?

Trialling patterns is also needed due to iso- baking and menopause induced change in my figure. I’m celebrating by exploring the plus section of my Burda magazine collection. Yes, celebrating. #BodyPositivity

This is one of trial patterns.

BurdaStyle 08/2012 #143

I made it in a woven cotton damask fabric without the centre front trim. I also made a tablecloth in this fabric many years ago – this was the remnant. Yes I am that person who could match her dress to her table linen.

This pattern is drafted to be lined, but because this was a trial version in tablecloth fabric I used bias for the armscye and cap sleeve hem and drafted facings for the neck instead.

I’m surprised but pleased with how this turned out and how well this tablecloth fabric stands up to being a dress. I was expecting a lot more creasing. I should have taken more effort with a matching zip and overlocking thread!

It’s a loose fit through the waist and almost cocoon like in its narrowing down at the hem. The impression of being a sheath but only close fitted through the shoulders and bust. This is a size 46 bust and waist with a size 48 hips.

I like this pattern a lot. I’d have an elegant dress if I combine it with my yellow roses fabric. But perhaps too mother-of-the-bride and not enough fun?

11 thoughts on “Dark green dress: Burda 08/2012 #143

  1. stunning fabric but I think you are right – it could so easily veer into MOTB territory (not that that’s a bad thing if you are in fact, MOTB!). My vote goes to a 1960’s style car coat.

  2. lovely style cocoon dress, lovely green jacquard, who would have thought tablecloth? I do love those jacquards, I made a light coat with my pink linen jacquard (Catwalk Harry Who fabric), but it creases badly. If making a coat, choose your interfacing carefully…

  3. Thanks for the plug Liz! Good luck with the fabric – it is gorgeous and makes up beautifully! Something simple and classic is my suggestion!

  4. Looks good. I have a designer print gifted by a friend (with almost border print effect) that I have been trowelling through my Burda magazines to display in simple shift. Overlooked this one because of centre panel, but will add it to the pool.
    I’ve seen jacquard fabric like yours showcased in classic skirt/jacket combos.

  5. Tablecloths are seriously underrated as a fabric source. I have a similar jacquard fabric, formerly a curtain, which I am about to make into a long pona jacket from Helen’s closet but my fabric is not precious.

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