Pink linen shirt dress: Burda 07/2004 #135

I’ve really gone back to the archives of my Burda magazine collection for this one. Moving up into the Plus size range will do that to you!

This pattern is so old that the only Burda website that has it is the Russian one: :

I’d learnt from my mistakes about sizing and this time I traced a size 46 with a 2 cm petite adjustment above the bust and out to size 48 hips. I omitted the band on the sleeves and went for the shorter length of style #136.

This dress is wonderfully comfortable to wear. Being made from lovely linen helps.

This is a very beautiful cross dye linen from Emmaonesock in hot pink fibers in the warp and sand in the weft. It has gorgeous sheen IRL and an overall salmon pink colour when you’re not looking at it up close.

I purchased it in 2018 so this particular fabric isn’t available anymore but it looks like other similar cross dye linens are still on the site. Yes I am tempted. No I haven’t succumbed. Yet. Also, I’m not affiliated in any way, just a very satisfied customer.

I wondered about the smallish hip level patch pockets. Would they look like they’d slid down from the bust? Would they add too much of a lab coat vibe? The verdict? – they are just fine.

And all those wrinkles? It’s linen. I’m embracing the wrinkles. These photos were taken after the dress had been worn for most of the day, but it did look almost this wrinkly within about 10 minutes…

I used ‘rescue buttons’ from a shirt of Chris’s that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, and thread leftover from a previous project. I love it when I have everything I need for a project already in the stash.

I didn’t interface the button band, and I folded it to the right side rather than the wrong side. There really is no wrong side to this fabric, and I liked the faux sewn on band effect this gave me.

I love this dress! Beautiful fabric is key. Did I say that already?!

10 thoughts on “Pink linen shirt dress: Burda 07/2004 #135

  1. This looks great, and I love the linen. Great for hot summer days. I only have a couple of issues in that decade, but have a couple of classic and vintage reproduction shirt dresses from the next decade in my make list. I’ll have to add linen to the fabric options.

  2. I have Burda magazines dating back from the 90s; they really are timeless… Love your linen dress; reminds me I have a few EOS linens in my stash too.

    • The 90s – that could be fun. My oldest one is May 2004 – and there are a couple of things in it that are (still…) on my very long list of patterns-I’d-like-to-try-one-day.

  3. Oh that looks so cool and comfortable! Very envious of your summer – it didn’t get above freezing here for the last few days and I’m wearing three layers all the time. I like the extra dimension of the button band. Linen really lends itself to details like that. I could see this one with sleeve tabs and epaulettes too.

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