Liberty lawn robe: BurdaStyle 01/2012 #134

I’ve made myself a summer robe with Liberty lawn and I love it.

It seems indulgent to use such delightful fabric for clothing I don’t wear in public but

  • I do wear it most days a week, even if only briefly
  • I have a large stash of lovely fabric
  • this is not my only piece of Liberty lawn
  • Liberty lawn is expensive but not rare, and
  • beautiful fabric should be sewn

This is BurdaStyle 01/2012 #134B in a size 48 with extra width added to the front edges and the front bands also a bit wider than Burda intended.

I like my robes generously sized!

@sewover50 put pattern mixing in my mind so I used a coordinating rainbow striped lavender cotton gauze for the front bands, sleeve bands and belt.

This gauze is a long term stash dweller. My initial intention for it was a balloon blind or drapes for my toddler daughter’s room – yes that daughter who is now 22 years old.

Liberty lawn really is the best- lovely to sew, feels delightful against your skin, and beautiful patterns and designs.

Perfect to wear while you’re still waking up with your first cup of coffee on a warm summer morning

17 thoughts on “Liberty lawn robe: BurdaStyle 01/2012 #134

  1. This is a nice pattern, and in my pattern board for summer dressing gown options. I’ve been unable to decide on fabric, but maybe I should dig out that lawn I bought at least 15 years ago for a dress 🤪🤣

    • It really would be a good choice (although a lovely new frock is always a good choice!) it’s so nice to wear and you can do a lot of lounging around without much creasing. Ask me how I know!

  2. love that you have used such precious fabric for something you wear every day. Also very much love the way the striped fabric looks like you have hand embroidered it

  3. I love the styling of this kimono front! Could you only find it on the German Burdastyle website? I’ve looked there and can’t see any English translation (and I have non-existent German!). Couldn’t see it on the UK site either for some reason either. I’ve never bought from Burdastyle before but would definitely like to acquire this pattern. Many thanks.

  4. “Expensive but not rare” is an excellent way to describe certain fabrics. I think expensive and rare can provoke the same emotional reaction but it’s smart to separate the two. And of course, the robe looks lovely!

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