Pink dresses: McCalls 7922 and Butterick 6677

An invite with a request to wear something pink. Some people would add a pink accessory. Not Felicity. She needed a new pink dress.

It was no surprise that there were several pink fabrics in my stash. But, also no surprise, none of them were deemed suitable. Apart from the delightful silk charmeuse with some pink in it that I had earmarked for something else, but lets not dwell on that….

It has pockets

So for attempt #1, a light weight poly cotton gingham from Spotlight was wrestled into McCalls 7922.

McCall's 7922 Misses' Dresses
McCalls 7922

I made View D in a size 14 out to a size 16 for the bust and shoulders with the neckline raised to that of a size 22. Why multi-sized? I wasn’t sure how to do an FBA on this style or how to petite the bodice so this was my fix for a fuller bust and a shorter torso.

Pretending to like it

I say wrestled because I really did not enjoy sewing this fabric. Perhaps it was the fiber composition. The end result was quite cute on but Felicity didn’t like how it felt. I’d say that was due to fiber composition, the knot and how that made it feel loose through the waist.

In other words, the dress turned out as the pattern designer intended, but that doesn’t mean it was a success! One wear and then donation was its fate.

Attempt #2 turned out so much better.

Obligatory matching mask

The fabric was a mid weight cotton woven in a very cute Australiana print (May Gibbs flannel flowers) lined with polka dot cotton voile.

Fully lined with polka dots. Because. Well. Why not?!

The pattern is Butterick 6677 and was previously used to make one of Felicity’s favourite dresses. This time I made View A in a Size 14 with an 2 cm FBA.

Butterick Dress B6677 - The Foldline
Butterick 6677

I lined the flounces with the same cotton voile I’d used to line the dress rather than hemming them.

Even the pockets got lined with polka dots. Love the way these two fabrics play together!

Attempt #2 went to the pink party.

This one’s a winner!

11 thoughts on “Pink dresses: McCalls 7922 and Butterick 6677

  1. The second one is fab – the fabrics work so well with that style. I do like the deeper pink of the first one on Felicity though. But something not quite right about the style; maybe the neckline? You are such a great mum to make her not one but two dresses for an event.

    • It feels more like she is a great daughter for letting me try and make things that work for her. I know how easy it is to not quite end up with the vision in your head. Not so bad when I’m making stuff for myself because I’m invested in it. Harder, I think, when you’ve asked someone else to make something for you to not be disappointed I what they end up making.

  2. You are a lining savant. Love the contrast and everything about the second one. I also like the first one but perhaps it is just the wrong mix of fabric and style for Felicity? Might look better on someone older?

  3. WOW, they’re both lovely but that second one is stunning! Up close I thought the floral fabric read as kind of pale, but when actually sewn up, it’s a perfect dreamy pink with a fun (Adorable? Terrifying? Why not both?) surprise in the print details.

    • Adorable. Gumnut babies are always adorable! The wicked banksia men are the terrifying characters in snugglepot and cuddlepie stories. Clearly you didn’t have an Australian childhood with vintage kids books.

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