Red and olive colour blocked dress: Style Arc Mila

Another experimental dress!

How did this happen?

Well, I had intended to add olive cuffs to my last red Bella dress but the fit issues dampened my enthusiasm.

But you know how it is – I still had the olive fabric out and there was a sizeable remnant of the red fabric left. Plus a new to me pattern to try: Style Arc’s Mila dress, which seemed perfectly suited to colour blocking.

Why not give it a try?

This is a size 16 and I like the way it fits

That V shaped bit in the centre was less tricky to do than it looks

My two fabrics were both from the stash. I’ve told you about the red before – it is a woven rayon from a local designer roll end sale in 2014. Almost vintage! It has more structure than a rayon normally has, a dry hand, and no stretch.

The olive is a polyester hi-tech microfibre from emmaonesock with great texture, drape and mechanical stretch. It was bought with a garment for Felicity in mind back in 2019 but she was less than happy with its colour so it’s languished in the stash. Despite it’s loveliness.

The Mila dress is an interesting design. The skirt has no side seams and curves from that V just under the bust to well below the waist at the back

I really like it. What I now need to do is work out how to add long sleeves to it so I can make a winter version.

Any tips?

11 thoughts on “Red and olive colour blocked dress: Style Arc Mila

  1. I bought this pattern last year and forgot all about it, I love your version. I need to have a dash through the stash and see what suggests itself!

  2. Beautiful dress. I have that pattern as well with plans to make it in two different sized polka dot rayons. I might just take it out again😉. As for sleeves check out an 80’s dropped shoulder pattern with added long sleeve.

  3. You could add a centre back seam for a zip, for ease of dressing. For long sleeves you may need to change the bodice and sleeves to proper set in sleeves not the grown on dolman style. Then any sleeve length will work. I think inset sleeves will balance the rest of the design more sympathetically than adding a long sleeve tube to the current sleeve. Looking forward to see what you do.

  4. Those colors are fabulous on you! And thanks for the detail on the fabrics with the seller name, it’s so helpful.

  5. great colour combo, and an excellent pattern – am tempted to try for myself given your comment about the pointy bit being less difficult that it appears.

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