Shirtdress mashup: Burdastyle 05/2004 #129 and 07/2004 #135

Mashing up patterns? What could possibly go wrong?

Luckily for me, this turned out much better than expected!

The patterns:

Burdastyle 05/2004 #129 (below left) and 07/2004 #135 (below right). The links go to and the images are reproduced from the Russian Burdastyle site because they’re from so long ago that’s the only one that still lists them

I’ve always liked #129, the green one, but never got around to sewing it. Until now. Nineteen years later.

I’m not in this size range anymore. But that didn’t stop me. I’ve already made #135, the red one, in my size (46 bust 48 hips) so I mashed them up.

My starting pattern had a bust dart so I rotated that to the yoke seam and then converted it into gathering. That was the easy it of the mash up!

I marked up the panels on my front dress pattern piece and then drafted new pieces with extra width at the top for the gathering, using the 05/2004 #129 pieces as a guide.

You can see from the pattern pieces that the gathering isn’t additive – the top of the piece is gathered in but the bottom of the piece is back to what would be the regular width of the base pattern. I replicated this on my pattern pieces. The gathering is modest – about 1.2 times the width of the straight piece it’s sewn onto.

I lined the yoke with white batiste. When my fabric is doubled up, the black shows through the other colours a bit and dulls them down. The white makes them pop.

The gathered and then restrained-back-in panels give the dress a cocoon shape feel – which is a silhouette I love.

Grey hair don’t care

I added pockets – because pockets are always a good idea – and used white batiste for the pocket pieces facing the outer fabric. For the same reason.

Smug sewist because she added pockets

I used the pockets drafted for the Cloud dress. They’re fabulously large.

The lovely fabric I used is a Japanese woven cotton from The Fabric Store. Wonderful to sew and gorgeous to wear.

Such a happy dress!

21 thoughts on “Shirtdress mashup: Burdastyle 05/2004 #129 and 07/2004 #135

  1. Wow!! I love how you tweaked the patterns together! It’s absolutely stunning and fits you to a tee. The Fabric Store has so many luscious fabrics, too!

    • Was also going to add – Called my hairdresser only this morning to let her know that my appointment next week will be for a cut only. I’m going to adopt “Grey hair don’t care” as my motto.

      • Well done! Hope it works out okay for you. I’m loving that I’m spending less time (and money) on colour at the hairdressers but I do wonder if I’ll like how it looks once I finally have all the colour grown out

  2. ooh, love this! You’ve just reminded me that I also love this style, must see if i can find it in my stash of old Burdas…

  3. Just wondering, did you include the bands on this dress? It doesn’t seem like you did, if so, wondering if I also can just omit them?
    I’m just tracing this one out now…

    • No I didn’t. Too much already happening with my patterned fabric. They could look cute on a plain fabric though. Topstitching might give you almost the same effect?

  4. My fabric is very busy, so I’m planning to omit them. It’s an optical illusion dress in black and white 😆

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