About Her

My mum was a great sewer but I didn’t really get interested until high school. After that I sewed an awful lot for myself, plus one or two wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses for family members (bad idea!). I kept sewing for myself right up to my first child.

Then I didn’t know what size I was any more (except it was bigger due to that extra 6 kgs) and things didn’t seem to work out as well as they had before. So I sewed for her instead.

Then I had another child and the sizing issue was worse (another extra 6 kg), my mother was ill and came to live with us, I worked fulltime so there was less time to sew. So I stopped sewing for me for about 8 years.

But life doesn’t stand still. Once I had more time again, one of the things that got me back to sewing was getting back close to my before pregnancy weight and being confident about fitting again (basically, I didn’t need to make any real adjustments anymore, and I felt better about being back to a healthy weight).

And I discovered Burdastyle Magazines and they inspired me- stylish patterns, lots of choices and a new issue every month! I could have up to date European fashions even though I was the other side of the world in Adelaide, Australia….

20 thoughts on “About Her

  1. HI Liz! I’m another Liz, also in Adelaide. Don’t know how else to get in touch with you, but don’t want to overdo the post. I’m a made sewer/fabric collector (heaps of Gay fabrics too!), work in a completely non-sewing field, just started a blog showcasing gorgeous designer fabrics. Don’t want to seen to be spamming here, please email if you’d like the address. Thanks and best regards, Liz

    • Ohh I’ve just found your blog: designerfabricsaustralia.com
      It would have been totally fine to post the address here but I appreciate that you asked! Now I’ve seen what you have, perhaps I should have kept it a secret just for me!!

    • Hi Liz I would love to check out the gorgeous designer fabrics but cannot seem to find you….can you please provide your contact details…thanks lisa

  2. Your blog has two of my passions….sewing and baking. Like you life has taken over my free time and now I bake, bake n bake and cook. There is no time to pursue dressmaking….but you have shown me that maybe I can restart. Thanks and love your blog!

  3. Hi Liz, I love your blog and loved seeing the front of your gorgoues home – so Adelaide! I’m wondering if you know of any sewing groups that meet regularly. I’m looking for people to share my hobby with. Thanks. Lauren

    • I’ve been wondering about the Australian sewing guild. Last time I checked they did meet close to me. But during the day. I work full time. I think the meeting time might have changed. I’m going to look back into it.

      • I also work so daytime meetings are out. If you hear of any groups who meet on weekends I’d love to hear about them. Thanks.

  4. Hi do you girls know of any cheap but good learn to sew classes in the west of adelaide please ? Looking for someone who does this at home. Thanks

  5. Hi
    I visited your site. I can read your about. You have nice knowledge for sew. Very good interest. Beautiful pattern & design sewing dress.

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