A table shared is a pleasure doubled

Whether it’s a ride in the country, an umbrella in the rain, or a heavy load to lift, a problem shared is a problem halved and a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. A recent invite to come up to the hills for a swim and escape the temperature 41oC by some good friends wasContinue reading “A table shared is a pleasure doubled”

Something yummy to start with…

Recently I had a conversation in which I claimed that I didn’t much care for smoked food, then I paused hmmm on reflection I could not think of something I didn’t enjoy that was smoked. Consider: smoked oysters, smoked kippers, smoked ham, smoked bacon, smoked sausage, smoked chicken, smoked cheese… and there is probably manyContinue reading “Something yummy to start with…”

Sephardic Flourless butter-less orange-and-almond cake

Pssst Can you keep a secret? Yes? Good…. now what I am about to tell you must NEVER be told to anyone that is not a cook. Here it is …the secret handshake of the food lovers fraternity…. we share recipes….yep its true …and we pass little jars of quince paste, capsicum relish, greens pickedContinue reading “Sephardic Flourless butter-less orange-and-almond cake”

Oh lard won’t you bake me a Cornish pasty

Hello and welcome to our hundredth blog post! Now isn’t that a milestone! My apologies to Janice Joplin for the title and I couldn’t help slipping in the pun, I thought seeing as I haven’t had a food related blog post here for ages and ages you would forgive me! Now I hate winter…absolutely can’tContinue reading “Oh lard won’t you bake me a Cornish pasty”

Oldies but goodies (Cornflake cookies)

Cornflake cookies must be THE most successful bit of marketing ever.. Surely the person who dreamed up the first marketing plan to recognize the potential of putting a recipe on the side of a box should get a noble peace prize (well it prevented a lot of nastiness in our house). Everyone knows that peopleContinue reading “Oldies but goodies (Cornflake cookies)”

Goats’ cheese, tomato and (don’t forget the) basil tart

When baking, follow directions.  When cooking, go by your own taste.  ~Laiko Bahrs I think it odd sometimes that I have so many cookbooks and 100’s of food magazines and yet when I cook I almost never follow a recipe exactly. Don’t get me wrong when I bake I make sure I have a recipeContinue reading “Goats’ cheese, tomato and (don’t forget the) basil tart”

Lime Coconut Cake

Limes are in season said the magazine, sure enough the greengrocer had them bagged up ready to go, shiny and green and cheaper than usual. The ones ‘on special ‘ were smaller than the ones I had been buying so I did a bit of research… seems the ones currently ‘in season’ were probably MexicanContinue reading “Lime Coconut Cake”

Cheatcuterie and other cold cuts

Weekends ah don’t you just live for them… good weekends that is … weekends when you can…” Sleep ’til you’re hungry, and eat ’til you’re sleepy”. I love weekends when I get inspired and feel like cooking… you love those weekends too … yes you do admit it…you don’t look here for the sewing doContinue reading “Cheatcuterie and other cold cuts”

They are sooo ‘chocolatey’ I could almost die

Ok all you people that are trying to lose the extra weight post Christmas…don’t even look…the following pictures are likely to cause you to throw your good intentions to the wind. Everyone should have a signature dish and chocolate brownies are the one Miss F is famous for. Whenever we have a picnic or specialContinue reading “They are sooo ‘chocolatey’ I could almost die”

Trust me… we will be eating spit roast chicken…eventually

A BBQ is every man’s birthright… there I have said it. Some say all men need a shed and I believe it.. but the need to BBQ is in men’s genes. Men who wouldn’t be seen dead in a kitchen practice the art of barbecue with single-minded devotion. Now some men are content to slapContinue reading “Trust me… we will be eating spit roast chicken…eventually”