Princess seams and a tucked yoke

Another great pattern from Burdastyle Magazine. Either this or the dress version have been on my sewing to do list since the issue came out last January. I didn’t really need a dress but I liked the idea of a horizontally tucked front yoke on the straight grain and the rest on the bias, especiallyContinue reading “Princess seams and a tucked yoke”

Fabric shopping in Turin

Ahh, the real reason for being in Italy was to drool over the gorgeous and stylish fashions in the shop windows and discover some fabric shops. One’s fabric stash can’t be left to languish without Italian fabrics, surely! I hadn’t really even started trying to find the fabrics shops when I walked past a shopContinue reading “Fabric shopping in Turin”


Ancient roman city in Spain. Still a bustling university town today. Great food. Great roman ruins, too. This was the view from my hotel room. The scaffolding was from a recent concert held in the amphitheater The Priorat wine region is close to Tarragona. It’s a very hilly region with most of the vineyards terraced.Continue reading “Tarragona”

Letting your daughter pick your favourite fabric for something for her, not you

If you have a special fabric: sew it quickly for yourself before someone else expresses an interest…. Another one of my favourite fabrics hit the dust recently. For her and not me. And what’s worse, she doesn’t like it now it’s done. Sewing is a bit like that. I think at least half of theContinue reading “Letting your daughter pick your favourite fabric for something for her, not you”

Purple and dark olive organic stripes

One or two tiny posts about sewing and a comment about sewingelle taking over…. And he who cooks unleashes post after post about cooking! And shows gorgeous photos of delicious food ! So now there’s going to be a tiny interlude about sewing again, before the next onslaught of food. My favourite local fashion fabricContinue reading “Purple and dark olive organic stripes”

Burda’s famous bateau top three ways

Burda Magazine 02-2009-108 Well for someone who doesn’t like making the same thing more than once, why have I made this one three times so far? Guess it could be something to do with how easy this one is. It didn’t end up in Pattern Reviews Best Patterns for 2009 for nothing! My first versionContinue reading “Burda’s famous bateau top three ways”

She (alias Sewingelle) takes over

Well, a change for this blog into fashion sewing as well. I’ve been lurking around the sewing blogs for a while and occasionally posting reviews on Pattern Review .. but now it’s time for a blog of my own. Well sort of. Not really my own since I’m sharing it with the chef in theContinue reading “She (alias Sewingelle) takes over”