Hawaii at Lady Bay

In keeping with the last family holiday by the beach (arrrh), this one was themed too. Hawaii-themed. Melissa shone very brightly. She sewed outfits for three members of her family of four. Halter top and shorts from Easy McCalls 8218, sadly now out of print (OOP) Wrap skirt with lovely pleating into the tie frontContinue reading “Hawaii at Lady Bay”

Arrrrr ther’ be pirates at Middleton

If ye be wonderin’ what has happened to this blog and why thar be no posts for over a month, well, pirates be the answer. We had a rollickin’ time at the beach at Middleton last week. Relaxin’ it was to be sure, but we were required to dress for dinner with the capt’n everyContinue reading “Arrrrr ther’ be pirates at Middleton”