Dressing like a librarian: BurdaStyle 08/2018 #109

Felicity’s love of 70’s style continues.  She requested this ‘waistcoat bodice dress’ for her Mothers’ Day outfit* We went fabric shopping at Spotlight. I was uninspired by their offerings for the waistcoat bodice dress but we did come home with a lovely dark floral rayon that was destined to be a tie neck blouse. AndContinue reading “Dressing like a librarian: BurdaStyle 08/2018 #109”

Short boxy tops: BurdaStyle 06/2015 #106

There has been a bit of (totally justified IMO) criticism of Burdastyle magazines lately.But it’s not all bad. Some of those boxy patterns actually turn out alright. Let me show you my evidence The cute Felicity version The trial version without the collar and tie for Mum For a boxy top I say this isContinue reading “Short boxy tops: BurdaStyle 06/2015 #106”

Liberty Love in a blouse: Burdastyle 10/2012 #122

I finally did it! Did what, you ask? Cut into my Liberty of London fabric. It only took two and a half years. Purchased in London in April 2014. Sewn and worn in Adelaide in October 2016. I’ve understood the love for Liberty prints for a long time. Now I totally get the love forContinue reading “Liberty Love in a blouse: Burdastyle 10/2012 #122”

Is it Winter or is it Spring? BurdaStyle 01/2016 #115 and friends

It’s that changeable time of early Spring. One day is wonderfully sunny and legs and arms are barred. There’s a promise of summer in the air. The next day its back to grey skies and rain and 15°C as the maximum. All those winter clothes that you are tired of wearing have to come outContinue reading “Is it Winter or is it Spring? BurdaStyle 01/2016 #115 and friends”

All the teal things: Paco Peralta Draped Top

My party frock in the last post is my favourite colour. I even love how this thread of this colour looks in my overlocker. So lets keep making all the teal things. A piece of fine teal woven fabric in my stash turned into another Paco Peralta top. Just like that! Technical details Pattern: PacoContinue reading “All the teal things: Paco Peralta Draped Top”

Paco’s draped top

Yay! Back to ordinary sewing. I’ve made a top I can wear everyday if I choose to, not something that only get out of the wardrobe once a year for an art gallery exhibition opening or a black tie event. Pattern: This lovely top is from a designer in Barcelona: Paco Peralta. I’m not sureContinue reading “Paco’s draped top”

Does this blouse measure up?

I was so torn this last weekend. I have a stack of beautiful new fabrics from San Francisco. But I also had a cotton blouse cut out for Felicity from fabric from Scotland. This project was sitting, waiting for me by the sewing machine. So I was a good little sewist mum and worked onContinue reading “Does this blouse measure up?”

A very ‘hip’ skirt and ‘Hannah’s’ blouse

I have ‘interesting’ but not always wise pattern choices. This is the fashion shoot photo: Those ‘wings’ are interesting aren’t they? They seem to draw attention to her waist, contrasting the difference between waist and hip. This tulip shape has worked for me before. Would it work again, now I’m older and stouter? Lets see,Continue reading “A very ‘hip’ skirt and ‘Hannah’s’ blouse”

Silver square neck top from 1992

The pattern is from 1992, the top is only a week or so old! This was one of my favourite top patterns and I used it several times in the nineties. Felicity thinks it’s vintage. He he. (Hmm, I guess that means she thinks I’m even more ancient..) It was made to go with theContinue reading “Silver square neck top from 1992”

Floral pussy cat bow

I like this top pattern. I couldn’t stop at one (and after all your lovely comments on my last post, I don’t think I can stop at one with that pattern either!) And I’m a sucker for bows Technical details Pattern: Burdastyle 10-2010-118B Fabric: Silk chiffon from Gay Naffine. I prewashed it (cold, wool washContinue reading “Floral pussy cat bow”

Striped scarf neck tie blouse

Kbenco and CherryPix weren’t wrong! This is a great blouse pattern, and will be a good addition to my work wardrobe. Technical details Pattern: Burdastyle 10-2010-118A Fabric: Silk cotton blend from Gay Naffine Construction: On this lovely fine and delicate fabric I had to do french seams. Well, the armscye defeated me for french seaming-Continue reading “Striped scarf neck tie blouse”

Rhonda’s flutter sleeve top

Rhonda’s Creative Life is a treasure trove of ideas and patterns you can draft yourself. Plus a great series of alterations to sleeves and more. Wonderfully inspirational. And look at the gorgeous things she sews and how chic she looks! If you haven’t found Rhonda’s blog already you should. Don’t miss Fabulous Free Pattern FridayContinue reading “Rhonda’s flutter sleeve top”

Wrapping up another blouse

I knew I needed to make another wrap front blouse. The teenage fashion critic does not approve of the print for this style. I confess I did buy this fabric with a fun winter coat lining in mind. She does think the blouse is almost acceptable under a jacket (ie well hidden..). I like itContinue reading “Wrapping up another blouse”