Red and white edelweiss dress

I totally fell in love with this viscose knit from Designer Fabrics Australia. I think she might be evil. I like almost everything she posts. I show remarkable restraint be not buying the lot. Remarkable, I tell you! The fabric is just as delightful as I imagined. And as described on the site, it’s aContinue reading “Red and white edelweiss dress”

An early Christmas present

Liz from Designer Fabrics Australia has gifted me with this wonderful fabric. How lucky am I?! I love that it came in a Mood Bag too. It’s an Oscar de la Renta double-faced wool, linen and mohair blend, woven houndstooth with metallic threads and a dark brown laminated back. Liz said that this was aContinue reading “An early Christmas present”

Now that’s good service!

Some of you would have seen the blog post on Lower Your Presser Foot about a new online Pop up fabric store in Australia: Designer Fabrics Australia. Image from Designer Fabrics Australia. Yes that beautiful fabric at the top is for sale on this site! If you haven’t visited this blog, you are really missingContinue reading “Now that’s good service!”