Formal dress progress – drafting done

A month has gone since I last posted. I probably don’t need to tell you that the formal dress drafting has been all consuming…. And it’s now almost done. Thank goodness! The bodice toile is now a flat pattern – yes two of the pieces go to hip height and one doesn’t. I know. BadContinue reading “Formal dress progress – drafting done”

Leopard (and snake) in a cage

Teenage daughters have a good sense of style. Case in point: I was uninspired by the picture in the magazine. Why make a dress that looks like a top tucked into a skirt? Why not have separates? Felicity, however, saw its potential. And dislikes tops that come untucked. Technical details Pattern: Burdastyle 09-2011-109 Size: 36-44,Continue reading “Leopard (and snake) in a cage”

Anthropologie knockoff completed

Grab your sunglasses. I might have put this dress on, but it is definitely wearing me! Even my red patent platform wedges are playing second fiddle. I’m glad this project is finished. Technical Details Pattern: This dress was based on BurdaStyle’s boat neck long knit top (01-2011-123) in a size 42 with some changes, asContinue reading “Anthropologie knockoff completed”

Progress on the Anthropologie knockoff

Progress is very slow. The starting pattern was BurdaStyle’s boat neck long knit top (01-2011-123) I lengthened it and made up toile #1. As I should have predicted from the line drawing, this style is not figure hugging. Toile #2 had bust darts, a 2 cm tuck out of centre back, a 15 mm swaybackContinue reading “Progress on the Anthropologie knockoff”

Japanese pattern magic

I first discovered the Japanese Pattern Magic books on.. somewhere in blog land (I read so many I am not sure which now but I think it was Claire Kennedy but it has been mentioned by numerous sewing bloggers). I succumbed and bought the English version (before telling He who Cooks) when Tessuti fabrics announcedContinue reading “Japanese pattern magic”