Wrapping up another blouse

I knew I needed to make another wrap front blouse. The teenage fashion critic does not approve of the print for this style. I confess I did buy this fabric with a fun winter coat lining in mind. She does think the blouse is almost acceptable under a jacket (ie well hidden..). I like itContinue reading “Wrapping up another blouse”

Making do with leftovers

The result is always good when He Who Cooks uses leftovers. Leftover prawns? Lovely in a sandwich the next day! So, how about a Sorbetto or two from leftover fabric? It’s hard not to look smug when you use remnants and a free pattern…! I liked it so much I cut out and sewed anotherContinue reading “Making do with leftovers”

Twisted Shoulders and Silver Circles

I really loved the Dec 2011 BurdaStyle. Full of lovely red Christmassy frocks, gorgeous green evening dresses and tweedy English winter styles. None of it suitable for Australian Decembers or my lifestyle needs but still.. One of the beautiful green silk bias cut frocks was also available as a top. The style lines looked veryContinue reading “Twisted Shoulders and Silver Circles”

Sephardic Flourless butter-less orange-and-almond cake

Pssst Can you keep a secret? Yes? Good…. now what I am about to tell you must NEVER be told to anyone that is not a cook. Here it is …the secret handshake of the food lovers fraternity…. we share recipes….yep its true …and we pass little jars of quince paste, capsicum relish, greens pickedContinue reading “Sephardic Flourless butter-less orange-and-almond cake”

Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]

Yes, I am avoiding the Big Coat Project, but I also need to update/renew my winter work wardrobe. I’ve changed jobs and the dress code is more corporate. The other day I wore a tailored jacket I made more than ten years ago that is now work appropriate, and sadly I found, mid morning, itContinue reading “Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]”

Sewing lesson results

Miss F, our daughter, picked pajamas as her first sewing attempt. But not just any old easy pattern for elastic topped pants. She wanted to make a cross over wrap bodice nightie with lace edging. And to use a cotton jersey instead of a nice stable woven. But I didn’t want to discourage her byContinue reading “Sewing lesson results”

They are sooo ‘chocolatey’ I could almost die

Ok all you people that are trying to lose the extra weight post Christmas…don’t even look…the following pictures are likely to cause you to throw your good intentions to the wind. Everyone should have a signature dish and chocolate brownies are the one Miss F is famous for. Whenever we have a picnic or specialContinue reading “They are sooo ‘chocolatey’ I could almost die”

Panettone trifle

Last weeks Australian Review recipes section had a great recipe. Even She who Sews could make it. And she and Felicity did.   Ingredients Panettone (we used one with dried fruit in it, but any sort would be fine) 250-300 g fresh or frozen raspberries 900 mL cream Grated rind of 1 orange 2 tablespoonsContinue reading “Panettone trifle”

Out of hibernation… into the oven

It must be spring; even the freezer got a clean out the other day. Try as I might to keep the freezer organized…. I try to label everything that goes into deep storage and have designated shelves for different things containers with mystery contents still gradually accumulate in the freezer. Fortunately some of the surprisesContinue reading “Out of hibernation… into the oven”

One dot wonders

BurdaStyle magazine rate the difficulty of their patterns in dots. One is ‘quick and easy, great for beginners’.Four is ‘challenging, detailed and time-consuming, for pros’. Most of the one dot patterns are ho-hum. But not this one! Two pattern pieces and a rectangle for the skirt. Cascading sleeves, elastic waist. Threading in the elastic wasContinue reading “One dot wonders”