A skirt of Japanese cats: BurdaStyle 05/2019 #112

Who buys Japanese fabric on holiday in Spain? Who wouldn’t when it’s as irresistible as this! I mean. Look at that cheeky cat in the middle with the ball of wool. And the smiley yellow one. And the little black one. And the…. I turned this souvenir fabric purchased from Nunoya in Barcelona into aContinue reading “A skirt of Japanese cats: BurdaStyle 05/2019 #112”

Orange dress: BurdaStyle 09/2010 #122

Despite the fitting woes with sewing stretch fabrics into garments for me, I’ve had a success with sewing for Felicity. This dress is made from a very orange viscose based ponte and BurdaStyle 09/2010 #122: one of Burdas best patterns, IMO. Look at all those fabulous style lines! Pretty good IRL too I made aContinue reading “Orange dress: BurdaStyle 09/2010 #122”

Souvenir T-shirts are nice, but souvenir fabric is the best

I’ve been on the most glorious holiday to the UK. Some quality souvenir shopping was done. You would think I would come home and immediately sew some of it. Or perhaps some of the souvenir fabric from Madrid from my last trip that I wrote about in my last post? But no. Even older souvenirContinue reading “Souvenir T-shirts are nice, but souvenir fabric is the best”

Fabric shopping in Madrid, another cocoon coat and another Bella

I’m sorry to report that the strawberry thief shirt has not been progressed since I posted last. I have two excuses. Excuse 1 I had a work trip to Salamanca in Spain. I didn’t take my sewing machine with me. Playa Mayor, Salamanca, 8 PM (before dinner, of course!) However, my accommodation in Madrid en-routeContinue reading “Fabric shopping in Madrid, another cocoon coat and another Bella”

Philadelphia and African wax prints

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while you know I have the greatest job in the world. I work with wine and I get to travel to science conferences in all sorts of interesting places. This year has been exceptional. My latest trip was to Philadelphia. I managed to squeeze in anContinue reading “Philadelphia and African wax prints”

In London with Felicity

Warning. Another image heavy post with only a small amount of sewing content. PSA over. Still with me? Okay, lets start. Felicity and I continued to pack a lot in to our remaining 5 days away. World’s best tourists? Most walking between the sights as possible? Most use of bandaids on feet? All of theContinue reading “In London with Felicity”

The ‘Your time starts now’ skirt

As ridiculous as it is, I made a skirt to wear on the plane just 2 hours before I had to travel. Yes it does match my suitcase colour I know. It was just an elastic- waisted skirt with two seams, darts and a hem, but still. I feel all Great British Sewing Bee aboutContinue reading “The ‘Your time starts now’ skirt”

Other NYC attractions. And Boston too

I know. What else would be as good as the Garment District? But there are some other places that are mildly interesting. Such as: Times Square Fabulous for people watching. And for reduced tickets to Broadway shows We had a wonderful evening! Le Mis is such a great story and this production of it wasContinue reading “Other NYC attractions. And Boston too”

Visiting New York’s Garment District

How has your July and August been? I have had a great winter. I escaped twice to the northern hemisphere. Two lots of almost two week blocks of summer. (I know. I am very lucky). You’ve already heard about the first ‘escape’ to Northern Italy. The second one was to the US East Coast. ItContinue reading “Visiting New York’s Garment District”

Fabric shopping, Venetian style

Why did I wait so long to go to Venice? Have you been? Isn’t it wonderful? I’ll post more travel stuff later. Right now I want to tell you about my fabric shopping. I didn’t find any apparel fabric shops on Venice, but I did come across a great curtain and upholstery fabric store: ColorcasaContinue reading “Fabric shopping, Venetian style”

New fabrics coming to live with me (Gay Naffine and Lucy Giles fabric sale)

I missed the first day of the sale. Gay and Lucy’s workroom looked very sparse this morning after that first day of frenzied shopping by others! No doubt, everyone else’s shopping was a very good thing for my bank balance. And the groaning shelves where my fabric collection is stored. I did, however, find someContinue reading “New fabrics coming to live with me (Gay Naffine and Lucy Giles fabric sale)”

Now that’s good service!

Some of you would have seen the blog post on Lower Your Presser Foot about a new online Pop up fabric store in Australia: Designer Fabrics Australia. Image from Designer Fabrics Australia. Yes that beautiful fabric at the top is for sale on this site! If you haven’t visited this blog, you are really missingContinue reading “Now that’s good service!”