BurdaStyle 10/2012 #128 midi length fail.

Gorgeous isn’t it? Let’s see how it translates. Not so gorgeous. To be fair, both the skirt and sleeve hems are unfinished, but it was dowdesville, costume-y, and there was no way I was going to wear it. Shorter looked like it might be better. 35 cm later 35 times more wearable! Technical details Pattern:Continue reading “BurdaStyle 10/2012 #128 midi length fail.”

Formal Dress progress with bonus Easter cuteness

It has got to that stage. Of not liking what I am sewing. It’s not because I don’t like the colours of the fabrics I’m using… Graphic fashion fabric on the left, neon yellow crepe for the bodice underlayer on the right, and neon lime organza for the underlining at the bottom, complete with orangeContinue reading “Formal Dress progress with bonus Easter cuteness”

Help! I need panel print ideas

What to sew? Jungle January is on and I should be zig-zagging with a zebra. Or making a toile so that I can turn that glorious designer laminated tweed into a coat. But this digital border print is messing with my mind. It really needs to be sewn! This lovely fabric is from EmmaOneSock. LindaContinue reading “Help! I need panel print ideas”

Dude food and Jungle January tussles

He who Cooks doesn’t seem to have trouble with his ingredients having strong opinions. Not enough minced meat for burgers? Some of those spicy sausages in the fridge will lose their skins for the cause. My fabrics, however, can’t seem to behave. This Silk Chiffon is horrified that a Cotton Twill from Ikea might evenContinue reading “Dude food and Jungle January tussles”

The after effects of the fabric sale

Blues Graphic blue and grey print silk cotton blend Blue border print silk cotton blend Blue and white stripe silk chiffon ( to coordinate with the border print, perhaps..) Teal blue stretch cotton woven Neutrals Cream and taupe stripe stretch linen woven White Italian linen Crinkle poly cotton blend Plain white cotton polyester blend withContinue reading “The after effects of the fabric sale”

Attention Adelaide sewers

Warning. This post may cause fabric stash expansion. Gay Naffine’s fabric sale starts tomorrow. Gay only sells her fabrics twice a year, and much of the fabric is from her and Lucy Giles current seasons collection. I highly recommend these sales. You will get access to beautiful designer fabrics at excellent prices. I’m not associatedContinue reading “Attention Adelaide sewers”

Stripes, asymmetric gathers and a cowl

This was a fabric and pattern plan that could have ended badly. How weird would the stripes look as they bent around my upper body? Are gathers at the waist just a flag that says “there’s a pot belly trying to hide here”? Would my stretch cotton be too robust for the cowl? Hmm. LooksContinue reading “Stripes, asymmetric gathers and a cowl”

Travelling stuff

This is a long meandering post about what I packed and wore whilst travelling for work to Europe in July, what sewing stuff I bought and some of the places I visited. Long and meandering. And somewhat self indulgent. You have been warned.   What clothes work well when you’re travelling? I’ve often wondered ifContinue reading “Travelling stuff”

Hot pink ponte skirt

I’ve found a new-to-me fabric shop in Adelaide: Catwalk Fabrics. Other sewists have mentioned it but I have never managed to actually visit. Until now. Lisbeth Moritz is the proprietor and it’s a tiny space in the ‘Paris end’ of Coglin St, Brompton. Lisbeth has an eclectic collection of designer fabrics; like a pared backContinue reading “Hot pink ponte skirt”

Floral pussy cat bow

I like this top pattern. I couldn’t stop at one (and after all your lovely comments on my last post, I don’t think I can stop at one with that pattern either!) And I’m a sucker for bows Technical details Pattern: Burdastyle 10-2010-118B Fabric: Silk chiffon from Gay Naffine. I prewashed it (cold, wool washContinue reading “Floral pussy cat bow”

Temptation is purple jacquard reversible fabric

Shall I or shan’t I? Participate in Tessuti’s competition, that is ( not buy more fabric! What do you think I am, a compulsive fabric buyer collector??!) Can you see a great retro dress made from this fabric? Burdastyle 12-2012-141 Or perhaps a skirt using both sides of the fabric separated with purple piping? BurdastyleContinue reading “Temptation is purple jacquard reversible fabric”

Red and white polka dots

This was supposed to be the dress I wore on Christmas Day. It got thrown in the corner, in great disappointment and unfinished, just before Christmas Day. I’m remedied the problems now. Jane from Jane’s Sew and Tell inspired me to get back to it after I saw her great Ikea fabric version. (Hey, seeContinue reading “Red and white polka dots”