Orange Scuba for 2016 Royal Blue Formal

Felicity had an awesome time at her school formal. I took squillions of photos at the ‘before party’, and don’t seem to have even one sewing blog worthy one. Oh well, I’ve already told you about the sewing details here and here and the inspiration dress here. Can’t you just hear this conversation? Megan: What’sContinue reading “Orange Scuba for 2016 Royal Blue Formal”

Formal dress progress – drafting done

A month has gone since I last posted. I probably don’t need to tell you that the formal dress drafting has been all consuming…. And it’s now almost done. Thank goodness! The bodice toile is now a flat pattern – yes two of the pieces go to hip height and one doesn’t. I know. BadContinue reading “Formal dress progress – drafting done”

Formal dress drafting…part 1

Felicity *loves* this part of dressmaking As a side note, who would have known printed scuba was so good for toiles? When it’s inside out you can draw in the changes so easily with sharpies or textas (and random smiley faces too), plus re-pinning the seams is a cinch! I think textas might be myContinue reading “Formal dress drafting…part 1”

Help! Another formal dress is needed!

Felicity has a Year 12 formal in early April. I know, its early. And she already had a formal last year. Sigh We went formal dress ‘shopping’ with her friend M and M’s mum C. It was more trying on than real shopping, but the businesses totally got it. I’m sure they’ve seen lots andContinue reading “Help! Another formal dress is needed!”

Felicity’s formal dress finally finished

Phew. Finished is a good way for it to be. There were a few more f-words I could have used in that title, but this is a family blog. It’s a phenomenal dress. Fun. Funky. Fluorescent. Form fitting and floofed out, all in one dress The coat hanger shots do not do this dress justice,Continue reading “Felicity’s formal dress finally finished”

Formal Dress progress with bonus Easter cuteness

It has got to that stage. Of not liking what I am sewing. It’s not because I don’t like the colours of the fabrics I’m using… Graphic fashion fabric on the left, neon yellow crepe for the bodice underlayer on the right, and neon lime organza for the underlining at the bottom, complete with orangeContinue reading “Formal Dress progress with bonus Easter cuteness”

Crop top or Formal dress muslin #1

I hope you’re not sick of reading about my WIPs (works in progress). This time its Felicity’s Formal dress: BurdaStyle 12/2013 #130 Whilst going through my fabric stash for something else, Felicity spied this polyester woven and wanted to know why it couldn’t be used for her Formal dress. It’s certainly not the jacquard thatContinue reading “Crop top or Formal dress muslin #1”