The Yellow Dress: Marion Bay Sewist version

This dress was constructed at a beach house in Marion Bay, South Australia. The beach house had all the essentials: Burda magazines, fabric, sewing machine, a table, good light. Oh, and a fully equipped kitchen. The esky was just the right size for transporting my sewing machine. There was some disappointment expressed when those coolContinue reading “The Yellow Dress: Marion Bay Sewist version”

A not reversible straight skirt

I have been planning the Anthropologie Knockoff, I swear. I’ve even drafted bits of it and starting to make a toile. But I had this fabric cut out for a skirt even before I saw the Anthropologie dress and it really is the most delightful fabric and deserved to stay ahead of Anthropologie Knockoff inContinue reading “A not reversible straight skirt”

No more UFO sightings

This UFO was a UFO because it was way too tight through the hips. By a substantial amount (about 4 cm- the whole sorry tale is here). Jenny and Stephanie had some very good ideas about fixing the problem. But I lacked interest. By this weekend, the UFO had spent enough time in the cornerContinue reading “No more UFO sightings”

The Big Winter Coat Finale

Here it is, in the fading late afternoon winter sun. Everything is done, apart from taking it to the drycleaners for a professional pressing (I hope that’s why the hem doesn’t look perfectly smooth yet..) This has been a long project and I’ve learnt a lot about tailoring. I even know how to bag outContinue reading “The Big Winter Coat Finale”

Another episode of The Big Winter Coat

I still haven’t made it to the sewing room with this project, but I spent quite a few hours on it again this weekend. What did I do? Pattern pieces traced off and/or drafted 25 pieces for a simple princess seamed coat with only 8 main pattern pieces? Yes, that’s how many I’ve traced andContinue reading “Another episode of The Big Winter Coat”

Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]

Yes, I am avoiding the Big Coat Project, but I also need to update/renew my winter work wardrobe. I’ve changed jobs and the dress code is more corporate. The other day I wore a tailored jacket I made more than ten years ago that is now work appropriate, and sadly I found, mid morning, itContinue reading “Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]”

A cautionary tale of fusible interfacing

Fusible interfacing is so easy to use. Right? I bought the fusible interfacing for Felicity’s winter coat that I am making in Sherry’s sew-a-long the other day, and the helpful assistant at my local fabric store reminded me to prewash it. Today I pulled out a silk blouse I made last year, and that remindedContinue reading “A cautionary tale of fusible interfacing”