Is a kaftan a cocktail dress?

I think the photo answers that question! I used Cris Wood Sews Envelope Dress zero waste pattern and a floral rayon I purchased on holiday in Glasgow in 2014 to make this ‘cocktail kaftan’. Why was fabric purchased as a souvenir? Is that really a question for a sewist? I’ll answer it anyway. It wasn’tContinue reading “Is a kaftan a cocktail dress?”

Glasgow fabrics and the Scottish Highlands

More tartans have made it into my suitcase. Another wool tartan, dress weight this time, and a wool gauze. I couldn’t leave without this fun knit either. It combines fashion with tartan. What better souvenir of a holiday to Scotland, London and Paris could there be?? And the floral rayon? No excuse or good reasonContinue reading “Glasgow fabrics and the Scottish Highlands”