The dress that’s IKEA inside and out: Butterick 6677

This fabric was another long term stash dweller but not of the too-good-too-sew variety. It’s cotton IKEA curtain fabric with a very simple bright print that Felicity loves and I don’t. Our local fabric store had this pattern made up as a sample and that’s what inspired this make. First I thought I could findContinue reading “The dress that’s IKEA inside and out: Butterick 6677”

Vegetable jacket: BurdaStyle 11/2014 #110

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed I have a weakness for IKEA fabrics. Dresses instead of curtains. Skirts instead of upholstery. That sort of thing. When faced with this Instead of thinking cushions like most sensible peolpe do. image from Beego Homemade Felicity and I thought jacket. AndContinue reading “Vegetable jacket: BurdaStyle 11/2014 #110”

Sew, a needle pulling thread

..and following on from talking about some of my favourite things and other quotes from Sound of Music.. I give you dresses made from curtains for attending the Sound of Music this week in Adelaide. We thank IKEA for supplying the raw materials and Nanette for organizing the tickets (and photobombing on the night) TheContinue reading “Sew, a needle pulling thread”

Crazy Cat Lady Coat: BurdaStyle 12/2011 #114 and some more European travel

Isn’t it ridiculous? In a good way. Of course. The zip is functional and accentuates the design’s lovey boule shape. Flattering? No. Fun? Yes! Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 12/2011 #114 Size: 38-46, I made a 42. Fabric: Cotton canvas upholstery weight fabric, from IKEA, lined with Sunsilky – a polyester lining with good breathability. ChangesContinue reading “Crazy Cat Lady Coat: BurdaStyle 12/2011 #114 and some more European travel”

Brighton fabric shopping and other travelling stuff

I have the best job. I’m a wine scientist and I get to go to wine conferences all around the world. And usually in very nice places. Like Brighton, England. Brighton Pier, from the perspective of a merry-go-round horse Who knew that English sparkling wine had become so good? Not all the consequences of climateContinue reading “Brighton fabric shopping and other travelling stuff”

From Oscar de la Renta suiting to IKEA upholstery fabric

You know those competitions where you use one pattern for different looks? I’ve got a great example to show you. This is BurdaStyle 11/2014 #110 The shorter version of BurdaStyle 11/2014 #111 Why do I make a shorter version of this same pattern? Don’t I have lots of other perfectly good patterns? Well, I hadContinue reading “From Oscar de la Renta suiting to IKEA upholstery fabric”

Coat muslin, IKEA style

I’ve listened to you and worked hard this weekend on my coat. I know you are expecting something like Burda’s vision of elegance for this pattern (BurdaStyle 11/2014 #111) But, I’ve made a muslin and it’s not an elegant coat in any way. IKEA upholstery fabric. So much more fun to make muslins from than,Continue reading “Coat muslin, IKEA style”

Psychedelic ‘zebra’ skirt and friends

That’s enough chatter from the fabrics. Let’s talk about the skirt! It’s bright. Sunnies on? Right, let’s go for it. Here shamelessly trying to convince Ann that’s it Jungle January worthy by adding a Toucan pendant. Of course she will be too discerning to be fooled by that! Fully Busted’s version on Pattern Review ofContinue reading “Psychedelic ‘zebra’ skirt and friends”

Lobster (and friends) dress

Elsa Schiaparelli, eat your heart out. We have scrimps, pineapples, bananas, cherries, strawberries, cocktails, olives and flowers as well as several lobsters on our dress. The old school hat, autographed by your school friends is an optional accessory. Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 06-2013 120 Size: 36-44, I made a 40 for Felicity. Fabric: Ikea curtainingContinue reading “Lobster (and friends) dress”