Patrones: one out of three ain’t bad

Why Patrones? Good question. The answer is a lot to do with feeling dissatisfied with Burda itself and how I could subscribe in Australia. And liking the idea of an online magazine. And liking the concept of a smallish pdf that you then trace off your pattern from. Sounds odd? This is what Doctor TContinue reading “Patrones: one out of three ain’t bad”

It is a red sack

Very nice fabric though! Of course, the hanger shot accentuates its lack of shape. There have been compliments when I’ve worn it. This might be something to do with the how short it is (about 40 cm from the waist) and it being Valentines Day‚Ķ. Despite its sack-likeness, I like this dress. The fabric isContinue reading “It is a red sack”