Top fail times three (or fourth time lucky)

This was the inspiration. And this is what was eventually made. Why did it take four attempts?? Well the skirt was the easy bit. I just had to find the fabric. Thanks, Mood Fabrics (and a work commitment that took me to the US!). The top was the tricky bit. First try was the topContinue reading “Top fail times three (or fourth time lucky)”

Felicity’s formal dress finally finished

Phew. Finished is a good way for it to be. There were a few more f-words I could have used in that title, but this is a family blog. It’s a phenomenal dress. Fun. Funky. Fluorescent. Form fitting and floofed out, all in one dress The coat hanger shots do not do this dress justice,Continue reading “Felicity’s formal dress finally finished”

Formal Dress progress with bonus Easter cuteness

It has got to that stage. Of not liking what I am sewing. It’s not because I don’t like the colours of the fabrics I’m using… Graphic fashion fabric on the left, neon yellow crepe for the bodice underlayer on the right, and neon lime organza for the underlining at the bottom, complete with orangeContinue reading “Formal Dress progress with bonus Easter cuteness”

A very ‘hip’ skirt and ‘Hannah’s’ blouse

I have ‘interesting’ but not always wise pattern choices. This is the fashion shoot photo: Those ‘wings’ are interesting aren’t they? They seem to draw attention to her waist, contrasting the difference between waist and hip. This tulip shape has worked for me before. Would it work again, now I’m older and stouter? Lets see,Continue reading “A very ‘hip’ skirt and ‘Hannah’s’ blouse”

Cafe latte skirt

You’ve already seen this skirt, but, until now, I haven’t told you all the fascinating details about its construction. [It has been ironed, very rigorously, but it’s a metallic poly cotton blend, and those metal threads just love crinkling up the weave unless they are pulled very taut.] The style is a classic princess lineContinue reading “Cafe latte skirt”

The Jacket that took forever

I don’t make a lot of jackets. Now I remember why. So much time.. too many tailoring details. Double the work if you are lining the jacket. Do it all at least three times if you make a muslin first! This jacket was planned soon after a skirt (The Vintage Skirt!) was made back inContinue reading “The Jacket that took forever”

Yellow silk and purple polka dots

The ruffled shoulder blouse reappeared as a yellow silk top. The change of fabric and lack of ruffles changed the look of this pattern, but not in a bad way! What else did I change? Organza was used this time instead of interfacing because the yellow silk was very light weight. You can see itContinue reading “Yellow silk and purple polka dots”