What not to do with scuba: BurdaStyle 05/2011 #108B

Felicity was gifted some floral scuba and she has a church event coming up that needs a nice frock. Both she and I have wanted to make BurdaStyle 05/2011 #108B for a long time. Fabric and an event and a pattern.  Seemed like an excellent coalescing of opportunities and needs. Or was it? I tracedContinue reading “What not to do with scuba: BurdaStyle 05/2011 #108B”

Dress code ‘smart casual – frolicking in the fields’. Or what I sewed for my brother’s wedding

What do you do when you receive a wedding invitation with a dress code like this? You buy new fabric and make two new dresses. Of course! What other option was there? I had ‘nothing’ already suitable in my wardrobe or fabric stash. And it was a spring wedding in Queensland so I couldn’t beContinue reading “Dress code ‘smart casual – frolicking in the fields’. Or what I sewed for my brother’s wedding”

Third time’s a charm? BurdaStyle 02/2014 #141

Not a very accurate title, as fourth time may be the charm. But whatevs I really like this pattern. Have wanted to make it for a long time. Finally it made it to the top of my to sew list. As I was drafting it, I realised how fabulous it would be as a simpleContinue reading “Third time’s a charm? BurdaStyle 02/2014 #141”

Not a formal scuba dress for me: Burda 6858

Thank you for your lovely comments about Felicity’s dress. I have one more photo of that event to show you, because I have a scuba dress too… Why do I have a scuba dress? It was all part of the formal dress drafting journey I’ve been on. One of my lovely readers, Tj, theperfectnose, suggestedContinue reading “Not a formal scuba dress for me: Burda 6858”

Orange Scuba for 2016 Royal Blue Formal

Felicity had an awesome time at her school formal. I took squillions of photos at the ‘before party’, and don’t seem to have even one sewing blog worthy one. Oh well, I’ve already told you about the sewing details here and here and the inspiration dress here. Can’t you just hear this conversation? Megan: What’sContinue reading “Orange Scuba for 2016 Royal Blue Formal”

Formal dress progress – drafting done

A month has gone since I last posted. I probably don’t need to tell you that the formal dress drafting has been all consuming…. And it’s now almost done. Thank goodness! The bodice toile is now a flat pattern – yes two of the pieces go to hip height and one doesn’t. I know. BadContinue reading “Formal dress progress – drafting done”

Formal dress drafting…part 1

Felicity *loves* this part of dressmaking As a side note, who would have known printed scuba was so good for toiles? When it’s inside out you can draw in the changes so easily with sharpies or textas (and random smiley faces too), plus re-pinning the seams is a cinch! I think textas might be myContinue reading “Formal dress drafting…part 1”

Scuba knit vase dress

It’s done! So glad I took your advice and used this pattern. I love the shape. It will work with a thin merino top underneath and tights for cooler days, and on its own for warmer spring weather. Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 09/2012 #121 Size: 17-21 (petite equivalent of 34-42). I made a 21 withContinue reading “Scuba knit vase dress”