The Big Winter Coat Finale

Here it is, in the fading late afternoon winter sun. Everything is done, apart from taking it to the drycleaners for a professional pressing (I hope that’s why the hem doesn’t look perfectly smooth yet..) This has been a long project and I’ve learnt a lot about tailoring. I even know how to bag outContinue reading “The Big Winter Coat Finale”

The Big Winter Coat Part 3

The sleeves have zips (thanks again to Tany for her great tutorial) The collar and facing are in, but the coat is still unlined and armless. The reason for my slow progress? I’m blaming delicious cheese platters.. and open fires on rainy weekends. Even He who Cooks is taking it easy for once! (nursing aContinue reading “The Big Winter Coat Part 3”

Another episode of The Big Winter Coat

I still haven’t made it to the sewing room with this project, but I spent quite a few hours on it again this weekend. What did I do? Pattern pieces traced off and/or drafted 25 pieces for a simple princess seamed coat with only 8 main pattern pieces? Yes, that’s how many I’ve traced andContinue reading “Another episode of The Big Winter Coat”