Japanese jacket

The formal dress is going well.How can it not when the best sewing day ever #2 was scheduled by M of NonSuch Sewing at her place?

Even the snacks coordinated with my sewing . And that is very cool elephant fabric. You’ll have to stalk M’s blog to see what it got made into. No pressure for the blog post M!

The sewing supervisor was delightful too.

Now there is only the hem left to do on the Orange Formal Dress. ‘We’ need shoes before that happens.

So let’s talk about something different.

How about my new casual jacket?

It’s got pockets. That in itself is enough to make me smug.

Also. Collar options. I quite like it like this, so I need to find a button or snap to add.

Technical Details

Pattern: Jacket J from Happy Homemade Sew Chic, a Japanese sewing book gifted to me from La Sartora the Christmas before last. My bad for not making something sooner

Here’s the model photos:

And here’s the line drawing

Size: I made a 16. All the patterns in the book, including this one, are in sizes 6 to 16 (bust 78 to 102 cm).

It’s a little big through the back in particular, as you can see in this view.


A lightweight navy chambray from deep in the stash. Last used in 2012 for this dress

Changes I made:

I lengthened the ties by about 15 cm.

I wanted them to be similar in length to the jacket when tied.

I drafted a 3 cm wide neck facing and added a 3 cm hem and side front facing rather than the minimal turn under recommended in the book. My chambray has a definite right and wrong side, and I wanted to make the wrong side showing bit look like a design feature, not poor planning. With linen, as made up in, in the book, this would not be necessary.

Thanks for the pattern book La Sartora! Pretty pleased with how my easy new summer topper turned out.

Best of all, this jacket took 4 hours to complete, from finding the pattern book to parading around in the finished jacket. Beat that, Orange Formal Dress!