The after effects of the fabric sale

Blues Graphic blue and grey print silk cotton blend Blue border print silk cotton blend Blue and white stripe silk chiffon ( to coordinate with the border print, perhaps..) Teal blue stretch cotton woven Neutrals Cream and taupe stripe stretch linen woven White Italian linen Crinkle poly cotton blend Plain white cotton polyester blend withContinue reading “The after effects of the fabric sale”

Travelling stuff

This is a long meandering post about what I packed and wore whilst travelling for work to Europe in July, what sewing stuff I bought and some of the places I visited. Long and meandering. And somewhat self indulgent. You have been warned.   What clothes work well when you’re travelling? I’ve often wondered ifContinue reading “Travelling stuff”

Temptation is purple jacquard reversible fabric

Shall I or shan’t I? Participate in Tessuti’s competition, that is ( not buy more fabric! What do you think I am, a compulsive fabric buyer collector??!) Can you see a great retro dress made from this fabric? Burdastyle 12-2012-141 Or perhaps a skirt using both sides of the fabric separated with purple piping? BurdastyleContinue reading “Temptation is purple jacquard reversible fabric”

Lucy Giles and Gay Naffine to the rescue (again)

This jacket has been waiting for buttonholes for several weeks. I made them today and sewed on the buttons. I even made a start on the matching skirt. Why? Mojo restored by fabric buying. Anyone else experienced this? This is my haul from Lucy and Gay’s 6 monthly home seamstress service. What are they, apartContinue reading “Lucy Giles and Gay Naffine to the rescue (again)”

More fabric purchasing

(It’s designer fabric sale time again). The mystery fabric is quite gorgeous. It was purchased as a sample by the designer some time ago, but never used. The fibre composition isn’t known any more but it feels like a synthetic, perhaps with a silk thread in the coloured overlay pattern. I’ve just handwashed it andContinue reading “More fabric purchasing”

She shops again

In the interests of appropriate fabric stash maintenance, I made myself go to Gay Naffine’s and Lucy Gill’s disposal of unwanted fabrics from their summer fashion collections. Really I’m doing Gay and Lucy a service aren’t I? And giving some unwanted and unloved fabrics a new home where they will live happily with other fabrics.Continue reading “She shops again”

Denver souvenirs

I was in Denver, Colorado, last week for the American Chemical Society National Meeting. Here are my souvenirs. No snow domes, T shirts or baseball caps for me. What better souvenir is there than fabric? (..well perhaps diamonds might cut it..) These lovely cottons are going to make great sun dresses, even the one thatContinue reading “Denver souvenirs”

Blame it on my new colleague

Oh dear. More stash building has happened. Why is it my new colleague’s fault? Well, let me tell you. I received my 6 monthly notifications about Gay Naffine’s fabric sale last week. I said to He Who Cooks that I had too much fabric already, so he screwed up the notice and threw it inContinue reading “Blame it on my new colleague”

Tissus parisien [fabric shopping in Paris]

Isabelle of Kitty Couture has a great guide to shopping for fabric in Paris on her blog. So does Charlotte of Chinese Frogs in Paris. I was lucky enough to have a day to get over jet lag in Paris recently and what better activity for jet lag busting than fabric stash building! As IsabelleContinue reading “Tissus parisien [fabric shopping in Paris]”

Stash building confessions

Look what followed me home from the Gay Naffine designer fabric sale yesterday As well as these lovely purchases I also met some Pattern Review members in real life. That was very cool! So what am I going to do with all this fabric, apart from fondle it and dream about garments I’ll make andContinue reading “Stash building confessions”

Vintage fabric shopping in San Francisco

A day stopover in San Francisco to get over jet lag before a very full eleven day work trip. What a great idea! This was the lovely view of the Bay Bridge from my hotel in the Embacadero. And the best way to get over jet lag is to get out in the sunshine andContinue reading “Vintage fabric shopping in San Francisco”