Style Arc Adeline dress #2 and #3

I’m on a red dress roll. Must be Christmas! This fabric was a souvenir from Barcelona. I fell in love with the colours and I love border prints. As a bonus it’s an overprinted jacquard. Almost certainly made from synthetic fibres but interesting and unusual. The base is white (as you can see above) andContinue reading “Style Arc Adeline dress #2 and #3”

Repeat offenders: Bella dress

I’ve being repeating patterns again. I made another Tessuti Patterns Bella dress. This version is sleeveless and made up in a gloriously happy silk from The Fabric Store. And of course it has pockets. It was hard to capture the fabric colour with these photos taken in late evening light but it’s a gloriously happyContinue reading “Repeat offenders: Bella dress”

Silk chiffon tablecloth dress: BurdaStyle 03/2015 #121

Another awards dinner. What a social whirl wind my life is! Ha. It is. So. Not. But it did mean that another dress required. The wonderful online sewing community* gave me courage to cut into a silk chiffon that has been in my stash for far too long *Thanks @bimbleandpimble for hosting #bpsewvember! This fabricContinue reading “Silk chiffon tablecloth dress: BurdaStyle 03/2015 #121”

Floral pussy cat bow

I like this top pattern. I couldn’t stop at one (and after all your lovely comments on my last post, I don’t think I can stop at one with that pattern either!) And I’m a sucker for bows Technical details Pattern: Burdastyle 10-2010-118B Fabric: Silk chiffon from Gay Naffine. I prewashed it (cold, wool washContinue reading “Floral pussy cat bow”

Not so silly dress

After such positive reinforcement from you, my lovely readers, and from family and friends who saw the silly little dress peplum top without photoshop (just kidding), I had to use this pattern again. Yes I made a dress with a mullet hem (another fashion trend appearing late in my wardrobe) . Technical details Pattern: 08-2012-115Continue reading “Not so silly dress”

Yellow silk and purple polka dots

The ruffled shoulder blouse reappeared as a yellow silk top. The change of fabric and lack of ruffles changed the look of this pattern, but not in a bad way! What else did I change? Organza was used this time instead of interfacing because the yellow silk was very light weight. You can see itContinue reading “Yellow silk and purple polka dots”