Seafoam striped skirt with a repurposed zip gives new life to an Oscar de la Renta denim jacket

This denim jacket has been languishing in my wardrobe for about ten years. It was made with an Oscar de la Renta Vogue Pattern and a stretch denim bought in Tampere, Finland (my brother worked for Nokia for a while, and we visited them; fabric and notions have been my souvenir of choice for aContinue reading “Seafoam striped skirt with a repurposed zip gives new life to an Oscar de la Renta denim jacket”

Spring chambray maxi skirt

Spring has sprung and with it the need for another maxi skirt. This time in a Felicity size and style. The long side slit saves it from Amishness (but not silly poses). Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 11-2011-116B I’ve made this skirt before for Felicity in the above knee length version. It’s a smart design withContinue reading “Spring chambray maxi skirt”

The newsprint maxi skirt

Yes, I am eating breakfast. There was a cup of coffee on the porch wall too, just out of frame. Those novelty knits with ruffles have been around for several seasons. I’ve succumbed to their temptations before and made a ruffly top. Since then I’ve managed to avoid their charms. Until now, that is. TechnicalContinue reading “The newsprint maxi skirt”

A not reversible straight skirt

I have been planning the Anthropologie Knockoff, I swear. I’ve even drafted bits of it and starting to make a toile. But I had this fabric cut out for a skirt even before I saw the Anthropologie dress and it really is the most delightful fabric and deserved to stay ahead of Anthropologie Knockoff inContinue reading “A not reversible straight skirt”

Winter red soft pleated waist skirt

A skirt with soft deep pleats near the waistline in thick boiled wool? Lucky I have a teenage daughter! This style is perfect for her. Technical details BurdaStyle 11-2011-116A Size: 34-42, I made a 38 for my daughter Fabric: Boiled wool from the stash, also used for a skirt for me sometime in the distantContinue reading “Winter red soft pleated waist skirt”

No more UFO sightings

This UFO was a UFO because it was way too tight through the hips. By a substantial amount (about 4 cm- the whole sorry tale is here). Jenny and Stephanie had some very good ideas about fixing the problem. But I lacked interest. By this weekend, the UFO had spent enough time in the cornerContinue reading “No more UFO sightings”

Shark fin skirt

I’ve made another skirt with the same pattern as before and in the same neutral brown colours as before. Not. Very. Exciting. Stuff. You are forgiven if you skip this blog post… This is the same princess seamed skirt pattern I used for the cafe latte skirt. This version doesn’t have the integrated waistband orContinue reading “Shark fin skirt”

Cafe latte skirt

You’ve already seen this skirt, but, until now, I haven’t told you all the fascinating details about its construction. [It has been ironed, very rigorously, but it’s a metallic poly cotton blend, and those metal threads just love crinkling up the weave unless they are pulled very taut.] The style is a classic princess lineContinue reading “Cafe latte skirt”

More skirts: getting good value from my BurdaStyle subscription

Peace and flowers Two simple cotton skirts. One sweet daughter. Third time this pattern has been used. The first time was red stripes in the New Year. Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 02-2010-104B. Size: 34-44. I made a 38. Fabrics: Cotton twill (peace) and light cotton shirting (small floral). Changes I made: The peace skirt wasContinue reading “More skirts: getting good value from my BurdaStyle subscription”

Think Pink: remembering Janet and Robyn

Pattern Review are running a sewing contest this month on pink garments. It’s not specifically tied to Breast Cancer, but this was a great opportunity for me to commemorate two wonderful colleagues and to use some pink fabric that had spent too much time in my stash. The sponsor for the contest, Studio Cherie, isContinue reading “Think Pink: remembering Janet and Robyn”

Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]

Yes, I am avoiding the Big Coat Project, but I also need to update/renew my winter work wardrobe. I’ve changed jobs and the dress code is more corporate. The other day I wore a tailored jacket I made more than ten years ago that is now work appropriate, and sadly I found, mid morning, itContinue reading “Another skirt [still no progress on The Winter Coat]”

Skirt inspired by Jann

Do I need Christian Lomboutin for inspiration? Nahh! Jann is just as inspiring! Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 07-2008-113 Pattern Sizing: 36-44, I made a 36 for Felicity Fabric Used: Stretch cotton Changes I made: I lengthened the skirt to just under the knee for that retro look by adding 15 cm. I followed the angleContinue reading “Skirt inspired by Jann”

Skirt inspired by Christian Louboutin shoes

This was a fun project in between the seriousness of the RTW Tailoring Sew-a-long. I’d been wanting to try a tulip skirt with exposed zip for myself after having made one for Felicity. I didn’t have a metal zip the normal length for a skirt, but I did have a very long scarlet separating zip…Continue reading “Skirt inspired by Christian Louboutin shoes”