Savoury scones and parnsip soup with brown butter

Delicious buttery parsnip soup and scones. Perfect for a cold and rainy winters evening While the soup was great, the scones turned out fabulous. I was very surprised. I’ve never really believed those people who say that scones are so easy because mine had always previously turned out tough. These ones didn’t. And I didn’tContinue reading “Savoury scones and parnsip soup with brown butter”

(aahh …aahh) French onion (aahh) soup (choo)

Ab you can tell fromb the title I hab a cold…sniff… We have avoided the worst of the dreaded lergy this winter, but the one by one the house has succumbed to a head cold this week. So as head cook with a head cold, I decide to make a nice hot restorative broth thatContinue reading “(aahh …aahh) French onion (aahh) soup (choo)”