Twisted Shoulders and Silver Circles

I really loved the Dec 2011 BurdaStyle. Full of lovely red Christmassy frocks, gorgeous green evening dresses and tweedy English winter styles. None of it suitable for Australian Decembers or my lifestyle needs but still.. One of the beautiful green silk bias cut frocks was also available as a top. The style lines looked veryContinue reading “Twisted Shoulders and Silver Circles”

A dress for Ruthie’s wedding

Weddings are a great excuse for a new dress. Felicity had liked style 110 in the May 2010 Burda Style since the magazine arrived in our letterbox, and now we had an excellent reason to make it up. The style has lots of nice details: pintucked bodice and fluttery sleeves (more than intended by theContinue reading “A dress for Ruthie’s wedding”

A table shared is a pleasure doubled

Whether it’s a ride in the country, an umbrella in the rain, or a heavy load to lift, a problem shared is a problem halved and a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. A recent invite to come up to the hills for a swim and escape the temperature 41oC by some good friends wasContinue reading “A table shared is a pleasure doubled”

Non flattery 101: How to look older and fatter than I am

Small floral patterns, A-line knee length skirts, and buttons or zips over my stomach. All things I generally avoid in garments for me. I’ve learnt they are not usually flattering. So what possessed me to combine all three of these elements into one garment? Perhaps the fun of adding contrasting sleeve cuffs, button bands, undercollarsContinue reading “Non flattery 101: How to look older and fatter than I am”

From Dress-Up Box to By the Pool

Many, many years ago I made up a fun quilting cotton into a Sixties dress pattern of my Mum’s. It was a fun and cool summer dress for teenager me, but eventually found a home in the dress up box. Last week, Felicity wanted a cover up for the pool. I thought I still hadContinue reading “From Dress-Up Box to By the Pool”

Jenny Ruffles Shoulders

Last seen in subtle cream on a slender tween. Now appearing in bright red on a middle aged woman. This pattern scans across the generation and style divides! This blouse was made possible due to the kindness of Jenny who allowed me to stop by and get that one last piece of fabric from GayContinue reading “Jenny Ruffles Shoulders”

Italian style + Swedish curtain fabric = interesting blouse

What am I doing making a top out of Ikea fabric when I have just bought all that lovely designer stuff? Well, it was a project that was not finished when I went shopping, a style I wanted to try and a pattern company I needed to sort out my sizing for. Conclusions: I shouldContinue reading “Italian style + Swedish curtain fabric = interesting blouse”

She shops again

In the interests of appropriate fabric stash maintenance, I made myself go to Gay Naffine’s and Lucy Gill’s disposal of unwanted fabrics from their summer fashion collections. Really I’m doing Gay and Lucy a service aren’t I? And giving some unwanted and unloved fabrics a new home where they will live happily with other fabrics.Continue reading “She shops again”

Beautiful blue butterflies

This was an experiment gone right. The pattern is sized for me and it’s for a knit. The dress is made for my daughter, two sizes smaller than me and with different proportions to me and the fabric is a woven. The fabric was also one of those too-good-to-use fabrics that both she and IContinue reading “Beautiful blue butterflies”

A shirt, not another skirt

It seems like all I’ve sewn recently is skirts (well, five skirts is a lot I ‘spose). Then I realised I haven’t blogged about a simple sleeveless shirt I made amidst all those skirts. The shirt has already been seen on the blog, but I haven’t told you about it! And I should have bloggedContinue reading “A shirt, not another skirt”

More skirts: getting good value from my BurdaStyle subscription

Peace and flowers Two simple cotton skirts. One sweet daughter. Third time this pattern has been used. The first time was red stripes in the New Year. Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 02-2010-104B. Size: 34-44. I made a 38. Fabrics: Cotton twill (peace) and light cotton shirting (small floral). Changes I made: The peace skirt wasContinue reading “More skirts: getting good value from my BurdaStyle subscription”

Retro dark floral summer dress

One of my Denver souvenirs has made it into a dress. I love this fabric and this style. And I like the wide lime green ribbon ‘belt’. I love the big gathered skirt. It would look even more fabulous with a gathered tulle petticoat underneath. But the dress is not for me. It’s custom madeContinue reading “Retro dark floral summer dress”