You are my sunshine: #117burda04/2019

“This is my favourite thing ever that your mum has made for you” I’ve got to agree with that! The lovely fabric I used is a cotton and silk blend Tory Burch gauze from The Fabric Store. I used a double layer of fabric for the bodice and skirt. The flounces are a single layerContinue reading “You are my sunshine: #117burda04/2019”

Update on another WIP: the landscape dress

Remember me talking about this gorgeous fabric? You were most helpful in deciding which pattern to use and I even made a muslin. Then I got cold feet. Ruth of CoreCouture‘s pattern whispering of Vogue 9021 might have contributed to this I worked out I could just squeeze this pattern onto my panels if IContinue reading “Update on another WIP: the landscape dress”

Felicity’s formal dress finally finished

Phew. Finished is a good way for it to be. There were a few more f-words I could have used in that title, but this is a family blog. It’s a phenomenal dress. Fun. Funky. Fluorescent. Form fitting and floofed out, all in one dress The coat hanger shots do not do this dress justice,Continue reading “Felicity’s formal dress finally finished”

The tale of two “muslins”

Are you a muslin (toile) maker? Or do you get straight into the pattern with your fabric and fit as you go (or, like me, hope for the best)? Felicity’s Big Winter Coat, 2011 I have made muslins in the past, but not very many (like, all of two or three in the last sixContinue reading “The tale of two “muslins””

Silk chiffon dress: nothing at all like a Chux!

Felicity fell in love with this beautiful blue and white silk chiffon at one of Gay Naffine’s recent fabric sales. He who Cooks thought it looked like a Chux cleaning cloth. I think he was teasing. But there is some resemblance. The resemblance to a dish cloth was even more striking when I was givingContinue reading “Silk chiffon dress: nothing at all like a Chux!”

Red and white polka dots

This was supposed to be the dress I wore on Christmas Day. It got thrown in the corner, in great disappointment and unfinished, just before Christmas Day. I’m remedied the problems now. Jane from Jane’s Sew and Tell inspired me to get back to it after I saw her great Ikea fabric version. (Hey, seeContinue reading “Red and white polka dots”

Is it silk or is it wool?

We’re having delightful autumn weather here in Adelaide. Warm sunny days without the sting of summer heat. Just right for the last of the summer dresses I’ve been constructing. Technical details Pattern: BurdaStyle 03-2009-107 Size: 36- 44, I made a 42 with some alterations (no pockets, walking vent at back, 15 mm sway back, dartsContinue reading “Is it silk or is it wool?”

Skirt inspired by Christian Louboutin shoes

This was a fun project in between the seriousness of the RTW Tailoring Sew-a-long. I’d been wanting to try a tulip skirt with exposed zip for myself after having made one for Felicity. I didn’t have a metal zip the normal length for a skirt, but I did have a very long scarlet separating zip…Continue reading “Skirt inspired by Christian Louboutin shoes”