Silver square neck top from 1992

The pattern is from 1992, the top is only a week or so old! This was one of my favourite top patterns and I used it several times in the nineties. Felicity thinks it’s vintage. He he. (Hmm, I guess that means she thinks I’m even more ancient..) It was made to go with theContinue reading “Silver square neck top from 1992”

The Jacket that took forever

I don’t make a lot of jackets. Now I remember why. So much time.. too many tailoring details. Double the work if you are lining the jacket. Do it all at least three times if you make a muslin first! This jacket was planned soon after a skirt (The Vintage Skirt!) was made back inContinue reading “The Jacket that took forever”

Vintage fabric stars again

I love this skirt. It’s been hanging on the outside of my wardrobe for a day now and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It doesn’t matter even if I never wear it! ( and since I have no top or shoes that work with it, yet, that’s quite likely‚Ķ) WhyContinue reading “Vintage fabric stars again”