Brighton fabric shopping and other travelling stuff

I have the best job. I’m a wine scientist and I get to go to wine conferences all around the world. And usually in very nice places. Like Brighton, England. Brighton Pier, from the perspective of a merry-go-round horse Who knew that English sparkling wine had become so good? Not all the consequences of climateContinue reading “Brighton fabric shopping and other travelling stuff”

Formal dress drafting…part 1

Felicity *loves* this part of dressmaking As a side note, who would have known printed scuba was so good for toiles? When it’s inside out you can draw in the changes so easily with sharpies or textas (and random smiley faces too), plus re-pinning the seams is a cinch! I think textas might be myContinue reading “Formal dress drafting…part 1”

Coat muslin, IKEA style

I’ve listened to you and worked hard this weekend on my coat. I know you are expecting something like Burda’s vision of elegance for this pattern (BurdaStyle 11/2014 #111) But, I’ve made a muslin and it’s not an elegant coat in any way. IKEA upholstery fabric. So much more fun to make muslins from than,Continue reading “Coat muslin, IKEA style”