Red and white edelweiss dress

I totally fell in love with this viscose knit from Designer Fabrics Australia.

I think she might be evil. I like almost everything she posts. I show remarkable restraint be not buying the lot. Remarkable, I tell you!

The fabric is just as delightful as I imagined. And as described on the site, it’s a lightweight opaque knit with moderate width-wise stretch and virtually no length-wise stretch.

To me it felt and behaved almost like a stretch woven, not fabulous recovery but with a lovely soft handle. So I looked through my extensive pattern stash for dresses suitable for stretch wovens. And decided to make a pattern I’ve made before: BurdaStyle 10/2012 #118.

One of my all-time favourite work dresses is made from this pattern.Β  Those other 37 patterns will just have to stay on the to-do list.

I wanted to avoid the nanna look I’ve successfully achieved with small florals in the past. I was hoping that this pattern’s relatively simple but modern shape would keep me away from frumpsville. The soft lightweight knit could give me a more drapey cowl, but I was hoping it wouldn’t cause any disasters. The recommended fabrics for this pattern and its associated tops were all ones ‘with some body’. My red edelweiss delight definitely does not have much body. Disaster was a distinct possibility.

Oh well, I said as I cut into the fabric, I can always turn it into a top. A top with a long zip in the back?? Not the best back up plan.

Despite my neutral expression above, I think disaster was averted. Modification into a top is not on the cards!

I like this dress with several of my jackets too. (Not sure why the jacket doesn’t look straight. I really am the world’s worst model!)

Of course, any excuse to wear those pink shoes is a good one!

Technical Details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 10/2012 #118.

Size: 34-42, I made a 42 with a 15 mm swayback adjustment, same as last time

Changes I made:

Burda has the front cut with the skirt part on the bias and the cowl almost on grain. I did it opposite: skirt on grain and cowl on the bias.

I shortened the sleeves.


I made this almost exactly the way I would make any woven dress: interfacing in the neck facing, zip in centre back and straight stitching for all the construction. The only ‘knit’ technique I used was a double needle for the skirt and sleeve hems.

My teenage fashion critic likes the dress but agreed with me that it enhances my rounded belly and flattens my bust. Frankness. It’s a wonderful attribute.

It’s a very comfortable dress to wear, even if this silhouette is not the most flattering. And this dress also works with my fun but crazy high red patent wedges. I love new clothes that play so well with the longer-term residents in my wardrobe!



All the best wishes for the Holidays and the New Year to all my readers. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog this year. You are a wonderful lot of people!

20 thoughts on “Red and white edelweiss dress

  1. It looks lovely and very elegant. I just laughed out loud at your fachion critique part as i too have one exactly the same! I keep telling her ‘It’s nice to be nice’ !!!! I hope she grows out of it!!! Happy Christmas too! πŸ’

  2. Just lovely and I especially like the jacket with the dress. And BTW, I don’t agree with you on the modeling thing πŸ™‚

  3. I love it!! The fabric makes a lovely addition to your marvelous wardrobe. The pattern suits you so well, my dear. Happy Christmas to you!

  4. I’d not thought of making this in a stretch woven, it looks terrific – and with a nod to the season with the gorgeous print without being unwearable in January. My teenage fashion panel can be delightfully frank too, but the older member is now saying things like “I think you’re being overly critical” to the younger member, so possibly this will pass when they realise that human beings do not all look like magazine photographs πŸ˜‰

  5. This is beautiful! I love the drape of the fabric – much softer than the previous version you posted. I like it. It suits the fabric so well. And great styling with that jacket and shoes!

  6. This looks great in a stretch woven.
    In-house critics are a mixed blessing, aren’t they?
    And I would like to send you the copy of Sew Chic I’m giving away – just email me at pngall at shoal dot net dot au and it’s yours!

  7. You look great! I have one critic at home (the 11 yo boy) and my daughter (9 yo who should work for the UN; she never wants to make anyone feel bad), but I sometimes need the critic! I hope you and your family have a fabulous xmas season!

  8. You’re so lucky to have ‘found’ your perfect dress. And isn’t it even better when you also find a co-ordinating older friend to wear alongisde?

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