Is it still Summer? Another Kalle Shirt dress

The equinox has been and gone but it still feels like summer. Highs of over 30oC. No wonder I’m still sewing for warm weather!

Yes another Kalle shirt dress. This time in tencel. I love this pattern. This is the fourth time I’ve used it. And I’m not tired of it yet.

Some of the features of this version


I added an extra 10 cm because I knew I’d be more comfortable, especially wearing it with a belt. Here shown with a simple self fabric tie.


I finally made a version with a collar! I removed 10 mm in height for both the stand and the collar because it looked a bit big to me and I don’t have swan-like neck.

Yes I did match my inner yoke to the soft furnishings. Yes I do love William Morris designs. Just in case you were wondering.

The collar turned out lovely, but probably would also be fine as drafted.

I was lazy and didn’t draft a separate undercollar –  just took a few mm off the second collar piece after cutting it out.


This version has both a breast pocket and in seam pockets

The inseam ones are from Tessuti Patterns Bella dress and my topstitching shows up their clever design.

Back Vent

I sewed the vent back together again at the waist to help control the fullness when belted, but it looks good without the belt too

Here’s some with and without belt images to show you what I mean.


Navy and yellow make me happy.

I topstitched almost everything I could, including the side seams.

You can also see that I didn’t use self bias bindng for the hem.

I sewed this dress at a sewing weekend with M of NonSuch, and this was her gift to my dress.

Sewing weekends and sewing friends are the best!

This weekends project is a struggle with Tessuti Fabrics sewing competition fabric.

It’s not all going smoothly…

20 thoughts on “Is it still Summer? Another Kalle Shirt dress

  1. Well ya just did it 😉 I have to buy the pattern and make one now. Love the denim! I would topstitch the belt, but I love topstitching 😊

    1. Me too. Yet I haven’t done it yet. It’s such a big barrier to overcome when a garment has made it into my wardrobe to take it back to the sewing machine. I know that’s silly!

  2. Not really to do with sewing but where in Adelaide do you live. I am coming over at Easter for a week, my husbands family live in Adelaide as we did in the 70’S. I enjoy your sewing blog. Cheers Lynda

    1. I’m in the eastern suburbs but work in the city. Perhaps we could meet in for coffee? It’s a busy week for me work wise but Wednesday looks good. Any other Adelaide sewers want to meet up too?

  3. What a lovely shirtdress! I so want to add a couple shirtdresses to my wardrobe, and when i do i will copy your simple yet clever idea to fasten the back pleat at waist level in the back. And i cant wait to see the results of all that struggle… poor pin!

  4. am totally going to steal the semi stitched back pleat idea! FWIW, I wouldn’t topstitch the belt. I love the topstitching you have done and don’t think the belt looks out of place without it .

    1. You are most welcome to replicate the back pleat waist stitching.
      I’m on the fence about top stitching the belt. Which means it will probably stay as it is.

  5. Love the William Morris matching! Strawberry thief is one of my favourite patterns too. Someone told me last week that Munno Para Spotlight has William Morris furnishing fabric on their clearance table (she’d got some to make a dress).

  6. Love the added length and the back pleat. I will be stealing both of those ideas! I made it tunic length but didn’t do very well with the binding around the huge curve at the sides. It flicks out annoyingly. Gorgeous shirt pattern.

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