Making do with leftovers

The result is always good when He Who Cooks uses leftovers.

Leftover prawns? Lovely in a sandwich the next day!

So, how about a Sorbetto or two from leftover fabric?

It’s hard not to look smug when you use remnants and a free pattern…!

I liked it so much I cut out and sewed another Sorbetto the same day.

Technical details

Pattern: Collette Patterns Sorbetto Top. You can download your copy for free here.

Sizing: 0-18, I made a 12 (40 inch bust)

Fabric: The abstract floral was 100% cotton. The more traditional small floral is a poly cotton blend. Both are leftover from dress making, for Felicity and for me.

I made self fabric bias tapes, and due to my fabrics being remnants, there’s quite a few joins in the strips.

Limited fabric is also the reason the bias tape for the abstract floral is from the lighter part of the pattern… and why the centre front pleat doesn’t feature.

The Sorbetto makes a great shell under a business suit or a cardigan. Here’s how I have worn them both for work this week.

This a great pattern, Doobee has made some fabulous variations on this great basic, and there are squillions of versions on Pattern Review too.

Like Vogue 1250, I’m just a little bit slower than everyone else…

5 thoughts on “Making do with leftovers

  1. Don’t you just love this pattern!!! Two great little tops that are so versatile..looks like you have nailed this pattern for fit. They just seem to suit your wardrobe perfectly…

  2. Y’know, I think it’s good to be a little slower to things that the rest of the sewing world. You just get to see all the different versions in a variety of prints on many shapes, and therefore go into a project (hopefully) with a well-informed idea. I like your tops and it’s a terrific way to use up remnants. I’m also loving that shrimp sandwich….

  3. Oh how everyone loves leftovers (we’re having them for dinner tonight!) and free patterns with remnant fabric makes the perfect combo. Love your colour combos too.

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