Not-a-designer-knock off green cardigan

It worked!

I have another cardigan to love to death. And a pattern for the next time I need to make one.

What I did

I traced off a pattern from my RTW cardigan for the front and back and used the sleeve pattern from a My Image cowl top (M1152). The armscye was very similar to that of the My Image cowl top except the front was about 1cm longer on my tracing. So I added 1 cm width to the My Image sleeve pattern between the apex of sleeve head and underarm seam.

I’m not sure what you would call the method I used for tracing off. I layered my tracing paper under carbon paper and then my garment on top, spread flat from hem to armscye (the rest scrunched up). I traced over the seams with a tracing wheel and the carbon paper transferred this dotted line through to the tracing paper below. Then I put weights down at the top of my tracing (salt and pepper shakers, glasses, anything handy!) and flattened out the top bodice piece then traced that the same way. I cut out my traced pattern and then compared it to the garment, and to other patterns. It looked like it would work, so off I went.

Back view:


I used a drapey slinky stretch viscose. This one has been in the stash since 2009 and was an early Gay Naffine purchase. I love this colour.

It has 70% stretch width wise and 50% stretch lengthwise. My pattern needs 1.6 m of 150 cm wide

How does it compare to the other two cardigans I made recently?

Well the pattern is quite different, as you’d expect. My green cardigan is long line and trapeze shaped, the other two both have waterfall fronts. You can see the trapeze shape a bit clearer in this photo

My pattern for the front with the neck and front band:

Style Arc’s Nina (I’ve folded out the fullness of the lower bodice and lower part of the neck band- they are both rectangles):

My pattern overlaid on Simplicity 2603 with the armsyce, shoulder and centre back neck lined up:

I’m very happy with how this turned out.

It’s a clone of my favourite cardigan but in better fabric!

And finally…

The fashion modelling of the red sack (BurdaStyle 02-2014-112)

It’s short

Its sack shape makes it great for dinners with lots of yummy food

and it has pockets!

It might get more wear than I originally thought. It will work with fancy tights and boots in cooler weather too.

I just need more occasions to take it out the wardrobe!

11 thoughts on “Not-a-designer-knock off green cardigan

  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on the green cardigan! It looks fab, and what a great feeling to have the patterrn for a new version any time you want. You make it sound easy, the pattern tracing. Maybe i should try it too. I am hanging on to a couple of favorite old garments (arent we all?)…

  2. How great that you could get your fave cardi and what a great colour. It looks great with that dress (did you make that?). The red dress looks f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! I bet you do wear it often. Love it!

  3. The cardigan is fabulous. I see a lot in your future 🙂 BTW, the dress you are wearing underneath is so pretty.
    And who’s the 20 year old in that red dress?!!!! You look so cute! You’re right, it’s going to look great with tights and boots.

  4. Great cardigan! I’ve often traced off garments to copy for others who don’t want to have the original disappear into a pattern. The colour and front are wonderful. And the red dress: wowsers! Love it in red!

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