Bella and Kalle in pink linen for summer

Cool loose-fitting linen dresses are a must for summer holidays.

Bella and Kalle provided just the right styles and my local Spotlight had a good selection of linens to pick from. All I needed to add was a sewing machine and some time!

Pink floral Bella

The linen was a little see through so I lined with cotton batiste.

Not strictly necessary, but it does make the colours pop, and there are no awkward underwear show though moments.

Such a lovely loose style that the lining has no impact on its comfort in hot weather. It might even ‘improve’ it by making it more tent like?!

I shortened the sleeves, slashed them and added ties. Sort of like a full bicep adjustment, but with a style outcome.

Flamingo Kalle

This is such a satisfying pattern to make. Last time I made the crop top, lengthened, with the stand collar. This time it was the shirt dress, at the length as drafted, again with the stand collar.

So many satisfying details.

I added pockets. The same lovely ones that are included in the Bella dress pattern. Because. Pockets.

I used pale pink pre-made bias binding rather than self-fabric bias on the hem because I didn’t have quite enough fabric.

Why pale pink when the flamingos were white and so were the buttons?

Availability –  within 2 metres of sewing machine. Funny – I would never have selected this ahead of white, but I think it works better than white would have, on the finished garment. I have so much still to learn!

But one thing I have already learned is that this is an awesome pattern.

26 thoughts on “Bella and Kalle in pink linen for summer

  1. Both great dresses, and the fabrics are beautiful too. The lining on the floral really makes the colours look sharp. Enjoy your dresses!

  2. Both dresses are perfect for those Aussie temperatures while keeping the wearers look so cool and stylish. Jeez – 30 degrees! I can just about manage to function in 20!
    To quote Carrie from Sex and The City – shoes make the outfit.

  3. Hi Liz, I see you’ve make p5 in the Advertiser this morning, congratulations! I noticed you wearing a me made ensemble (recognised the top’s fabric from somewhere…) Is that a BurdaStyle skirt?

    1. Yes all me-made and both burda style. Top fabric is from spotlight, skirt from gay naffine sales. Both were leftover scraps from other projects. Funny how things turn out!

  4. Oh, I love your floral linen , so beautiful. I did a double take when I saw It was from Spotlight. I think your interview outfit is adorable too . Pollies have excellent skills when it comes to turning things around in their favour.

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