Lucy Giles and Gay Naffine to the rescue (again)

This jacket has been waiting for buttonholes for several weeks.

I made them today and sewed on the buttons. I even made a start on the matching skirt.


Mojo restored by fabric buying.

Anyone else experienced this?

This is my haul from Lucy and Gay’s 6 monthly home seamstress service.

What are they, apart from delightful? Lovely cotton silk blends, apart from the blue pixelated print (polyester) and the navy stripe (stretch cotton).

But that’s not all.

I also have a hot pink silk twill, floral silk chiffon, polyester starburst pleat in silver, teal cotton, gray stretch wool and a yellow cotton silk stripe.

And there’s more.

A taupe stretch cotton, poly cotton precrinkled red polka dot and taupe pleather.

A significant lack of restraint was shown today.

25 thoughts on “Lucy Giles and Gay Naffine to the rescue (again)

  1. LOVE that blue pixelated print, poly or no, it would have come home with me too! I love the lemony stripes and that weird leafy starburst too, a very nice selection, well worthy of a mojo jump start

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